Blessed will be the curious, for they have travels. The old quote bands true for anybody exploring a new community, but there are so many things to do in Franklin and Williamson County that it’s a (fun) task to determine where best to start. The email address details are in, and they are clear: as you’re making your “must-see” list, these are the ones you won’t want to miss. Included are the Country wide Register historical districts, shopping and dining locations, scenic drives, and rural stops that make our community so unique. Certainly, the quest is part of the trip!  Read on Top Attractions to visit in Franklin, Tennessee:


Since 1799, Main Avenue has been the guts of life in downtown Franklin. Anchored by the general public Square and surrounded by 16 blocks of historic homes and buildings, today’s Main Road has been regarded round the world for its diverse offering of architecture, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and even more. Take a led walking travel or discover it in your own schedule. Whatever your quickness, you’ll find an Insta-worthy establishing and a great deal to see, do and experience on Main Block.


At night Square and significantly less than a mile down East Main Street is the old Dortch Stove Works building, built-in 1929 to create electric ovens as they became an integral part of mainstream American life. The steam whistle that blew to signal the alter changes still could still be heard not too long ago, however in 1996, the shuttered building was rescued from demolition and restored by a local visionary. Now, The Factory at Franklin is a destination for shopping and eating out, artisans and skill lessons, live music, theater productions, as well as the incredible Farmer’s Market each Sunday.


What some consider being the oldest highway in America passes right through Williamson County – the 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway, carrying out a pre-settlement avenue and critical trade course from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi, and the Mississippi River. Leave Highway 96 West from downtown Franklin 10 kilometers and be rewarded with a sensational view of Birdsong Hollow and its own double-arch bridge. Then you’ll know you’ve attained the Natchez Track. Following that, you can access the bridge for a miles-long view of the rolling hills, browse the 72-acre Timberland Recreation area and then twist and turn your way down the Trace to the next stop, just a quarter-hour away.


If you’re looking for antiques and gift ideas, live music, a memorable meals or maybe another inviting destination to stretch out your legs, this little hamlet known as Leiper’s Fork will not disappoint. It’s a snapshot of rural midsection Tennessee and the tiny villages that dot the landscape. The collection of retailers, restaurants, galleries, and, well, visitors to be found here’s so fun and unique which it has drawn world-class talent… so don’t be surprised if you happen to see someone you understand from stage or screen. And like a lot of our talk about, these hills have observed a whole lot of moonshines made.

In 2016, Leiper’s Fork Distillery found ways to get it done honestly and is available for tours and tastings. Their soaring copper pot still by itself will probably be worth a visit, but you’ll also find out about the Lincoln County process that defines Tennessee Whiskey, and also have an opportunity to collect a bottle or two along with some one-of-a-kind mementos.


November 30, 1864, is every day that shaped not only Franklin’s future but that of our nation. The Struggle of Franklin and its own 10,000 casualties helped end the Civil Warfare, and the individuals reviews of tragedy and triumph that happened the following in Franklin are powerful.

With the Carter House, you’ll get a genuine sense of the intensity of the battle waged all over the family that was hunkered in their basement. Head to the museum, the house, and the bullet-riddled outbuildings, and you’ll understand the significance of what took place here over 150 years back.

Then take time to visit Carnton, which served as a field hospital for calendar months after the battle. The carefully maintained home and gardens are a snapshot with time, but the bloodstains on the timber flooring and the graveyard filled with unknown soldiers find out a sobering story.


You might not consider Franklin to be wine country, but Arrington Vineyards might just change your mind. Acres of trellised grapevines will be the backdrop for an unbelievable picnic experience, and you could purchase appetizers and test 18 award-winning blends from the winery before grabbing a stand, a fire pit, or the perfect area to construct a blanket on the hillside.

You can even pre-order a gourmet basket, or bring your own drink and food to enjoy. Over the weekends, live music adds another layer to the vibe. It’s easy to understand why these areas are at the very best of the list, and there’s so much more to see and do in Franklin and Williamson County. If discovery is the substance of travel, this is a great location to start. It’s likely that, you’ll find much more memorable activities on the way.

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