From unlimited snacks to unlimited desserts, buffet can make anyone easily surrender their diet regime with its irresistible spread of delicacies. Whenever we are at a buffet we crave and eat food more than we really do during the usual days. It’s hard to resist the meals spread and we wrap up binge eating and feeling guilty. So here we’ve compiled top 10 tricks to help you avoid over-eating:

  1. Drink water: Before you begin consuming food, drink lots of water. It creates your stomach feel full and then consuming extra food becomes difficult.
  2. Take smaller plate: There are different sizes of plates offered by buffet, choose the tiniest option possible. In general, people have tendency to keep their food plates full, if you choose bigger plate then there are high chances to consume more food.
  3. Grab a friend: Yes, you must do that! Ask your friend to join you while eating dinner. Conversing and laughing with your friend can help you stay distracted from food and eventually you would wrap up consuming really less quantity. Additional benefit is the fact that you would get some quality time with your friend. Win-win situation!
  4. Prepare your mind beforehand: With the right mindset, you are capable of anything! Take half an hour and tell yourself that you will not binge eat. Train your mind before reaching the buffet space. This really helps to avoid over-eating. Visit this website to get more insight Golden Corral prices
  5. Salad first: If you fear over-eating, focus on salads. Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables as much as possible. There is high water content in fruits and veggies, so you would start feeling full soon if you eat them in the beginning.
  6. Sit opposite to food stall: No really, avoid eye connection with food! This might help in waning off food cravings. Or try to sit as far as possible from the meals bar.
  7. Set reminder in phone: With almost everything going digital, you will want to use the device to control your food cravings? Set the reminder on your phone to be able to stay alert and track your food consumption.
  8. Slow down: Chewing your food 32 times is a serious advice and works almost every time! When you eat slowly, you tend to be more aware of what you are consuming. You already know if your stomach is full or you need to eat more. Whereas when you take in fast, you are more prone to eating a lot of extra food. Plus, properly chewed food gets digested properly.
  9. Stay warm: Dining in colder atmosphere enables you to eat more. So, grab a shawl, sweater, blazer, suit or whatever you can match with your outfit, just stay warm!
  10. Chewing gum: Pop-in a chewing gum and keep it in your mouth for a long time. This won’t directly affect your meal consumption quantity, but would keep you away from the food bar for longer period.
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